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Are you transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle? Are you unsure exactly where to start? It is quite likely that you could benefit from health coaching. Coaching is a powerful, ongoing, one-on-one relationship that guides the client through the learning process and assists them in making the health changes necessary to transition to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build a client’s level of awareness and responsibility, and provides the client with structure, support, and accountability. The coaching process helps the client to both define and achieve personal and professional goals faster and with more ease than would be possible otherwise. Coaching is generally done over the phone, but can be done in person if you live in Austin, TX. I challenge to you to embrace your health and take charge. Enjoy eating wonderful healthy foods that will help heal you without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Be good to yourself by making the gluten-free commitment, improve your health,  and help prevent  diseases. I can help guide you along a path to wellness. 
Making the gluten-free transition can be overwhelming. Many people get discouraged and don't know where to start when making this important life change. You don’t need to go through this alone, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Partner with me and  I will coach you through your transition to a happy, healthy, balanced, and gluten-free lifestyle.  Going gluten-free is the first critical step in healing yourself, but there are other steps necessary to remove inflammation from your body. We can work on healing your body, as well as working through any emotional blocks or struggles that may present themselves as you proceed on your journey towards a healthy gluten-free lifestyle.  As your coach, I begin with a comprehensive intake session where we define your goals and clarify your path to wellness.  We look at what you have done in the past, what worked, and what did not work so well.  We explore diet and nutrition,  exercise, sleep, and current stress levels.

Health Coach Training Certification Program
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